Canada needs us

Canada needs a Conservative government. As a country we are facing big problems and we need Conservative solutions. Instead of a tax-and-spend Liberal government headed by an international embarrassment, we should have a lean, innovative government that unleashes the potential that we all know we have.


We believe in competition

The best ideas and the best people come forward only in a competitive environment. Is Andrew Scheer the best person to lead us forward? We don’t know unless there is a competitive race.


We believe in democracy

Democracy is all about choice. Leadership isn’t a yes or no question. Conservative members deserve to see a full field of candidates so that we can pick who the best one is to lead us forward as a Party, and as a country.


We believe in tradition

When a political leader fails, they resign. Andrew Scheer should immediately step aside as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and run in a competitive race against a full field of contestants. It’s how we’ll get the best result.

Take Action

Sign your name if you believe the Conservative Party of Canada should immediately start a leadership race.

Privacy: We will never share your name, unless you give us specific permission to do so. By allowing us to use your name you can help show that there is popular support with mainstream Conservatives for an open leadership race. If you do not give us permission to share your name, your support of our organization will remain entirely private in perpetuity.

Are you with us?